20 Men That Decorated Their Homes Better Than Any Designers Could

3 years ago

People believe a lot of stereotypes. But, in fact, the world is far more different than many of us think. For example, the guys from today’s compilation prove that men are able to turn their homes into something really cozy and comfortable.

We at Bright Side decided to share some of the best interiors with you that were designed by men. And in the bonus section, you’ll find that, for some people, the word cozy means something else.

“Before and after: a first attempt to redecorate the bathroom — I think I did a good job!”

“It’s my first home, and I finally get to see my dream setup come to life!”

“Post-breakup apartment look”

“The wife divorced me, and this is my new home. Built every furniture piece by myself except for the couch and the metal shelf.”

“I finally have a window that doesn’t face a wall.”

“The girlfriend left and the kitchen table was hers. I had to adapt.”

“Moved to NYC and set up my first living room. The view from the window is incredible!”

“I inverted the colors of my kitchen.”

“First time living alone and loving it!”

“Picked up a couple of cheap shelves and am stoked with the result.”

“28 years old, post-divorce, and the first time in my life living alone! I’m exploring my own personal style and, I gotta say, I’m proud of my space so far.”

“After having to move every year for the past 4 years, I’m finally settling down into a more permanent place with good friends. This is my bedroom that I just finished furnishing!”

“My sanctuary at the top of a shared house”

“I’m a 26-year-old dude in Chicago. This is the first apartment I’ve ever been proud of.”

“This is the living room in my first apartment out of college, all thrifted furniture.”

“My dad never had a proper dining room in his house until now.”

“A home without plants is not a home at all!”

“Finally finished my kitchen in my new loft.”

“Here’s my before and after.”

“My colorful living room after 2.5 years of work!”

Bonus: “Living room is done!”

What should a place be like in order for it to be cozy? Show us your photos!

Preview photo credit Kakazam / Reddit


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can't wait when we finally move to our own place so we can decorate it too 🤗


I really don't like them< What is it with men and the colour grey? The so called Property Brothers Scott and Drew are the worst. EVERY property they do is coloured the same. Grey white and 3 shades of slate blue. BORRING. Believe it or not, there are other colours out there you can use.


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