26 Talented People Who Brought Old Items Back to Life

2 years ago

Through recycling, repairing, repurposing, and upgrading waste material, “upcycling” has evolved as one of the most sustainable waste management options. But it’s not only a great way to reduce waste and save a buck or 2 — it can also spark your creativity and make you proud of your handicrafts.

To celebrate waste reduction and innovation, Bright Side collected works of super talented people whose skills allowed them to breathe new life into old objects.

1. ’’I upcycled vintage crochet into this set.’’

2. ’’I don’t know why I found the idea of hands on a footstool so funny but I really like this transformation.’’

3. “I make planters out of old license plates.”

4. ’’These beautiful bowls are made from old music records.’’

5. “A footstool I upholstered in pastel pick and mix fabric”

6. ’’A 1940s dresser that was headed to the dump’’

7. ’’Food box cardboard + old magazine paper = earrings!!’’

8. ’’I turned an old wood chest from a plumber into a neat bench.’’

9. ’’I designed and made a versatile purse using leather from an abandoned couch.’’

10. ’’Earrings made of old RAM memory’’

11. ’’$5 chair from Goodwill; before and after’’

12. A decorative bird made of shattered CDs

13. ’’I turned an old microwave cart into a rolling Lego stand for my daughters.’’

14. ’’A bit of a silly one but I love them. 1960s folding stools that have been reupholstered with a cheeky fried egg theme.’’

15. A bag made of plastic shopping bags

16. ’’Always wanted to change this wardrobe. I’m so happy with it now.’’

17. ’’Upcycled my old Ikea bed into an outdoor daybed — the canopy is a shower curtain that didn’t work in my bathroom.’’

18. ’’A freebie from the marketplace — onyx and deep teal paint — now it’s a bit more dramatic.’’

19. ’’Turned an old fan with a bad motor into a lamp.’’

20. ’’A retro tea trolley from Facebook Marketplace was given a colorful makeover with paint and fabric.’’

21. ’’My old favorite jeans turned into a pen roll.’’

22. ’’A chair from a charity shop was given a colorful update with paint and new upholstery.’’

23. ’’Upcycled this thrifted $2 box into a hanging jewelry armoire.’’

24. ’’Found this on the curb. Did a deep bleach cleaning. Repaired the door, painted, papered. Now it’s great storage for my craft supplies!’’

25. An unexpected way to upcycle an old sneaker

26. ’’A free piece saved from the dump got an update.’’

Are you into DIY? Don’t be shy and share pics of your upcycling projects with us in the comments.


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