18 Antiques That Got a Second Life Thanks to the Creativity of Their Craftsmen

2 years ago

The art of recycling and creating something amazing out of things that have already fulfilled their cycle can be achieved with a little skill and a lot of imagination. Some people saw scrap metal as an opportunity to turn it into something functional as well as beautiful.

At Bright Side, we are impressed when we see an amazing transformation, so we collected images of objects whose creators proved that indeed “nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed.”

1. “$15 dollar desk from the thrift store.”

2. “This was a really fun upcycling project and saved a fortune on ‘posh’ glass jars for my pantry shelves.”

3. “I don’t know why I found the idea of hands on a footstool so funny but I really like this transformation!”

4. “The first dress used to be a curtain and the last dress used to be a bedsheet.”

“All these dresses are made from thrifted fabrics and notions.”

5. “My latest upcycle — two chairs from a charity shop given a colourful update with paint and new upholstery.”

6. “Last year I recycled more than 100 pairs of jeans to make denim bags. Would you wear any of these?”

7. “I made some jackets out of old football scarves.”

8. “Fixed up $3 garage sale find. Scrap thrift fabric. A little paint and better than new.”

9. “My neighbor was throwing out a moldy, broken cornhole set. So I had to upcycle it with Dolly! One-of-a-kind just like her!”

10. “Found this on the curb. Deep bleach cleaning. Repaired the door. Painted. Papered. Now great storage for my craft supplies!”

11. “I made an XS coat into a puffy skirt. I’m excited to be a lot more comfortable when winter camping.”

12. “I turned a $3 thrifted sweater into a crossbody bag!”

13. “Outdoor sink”

14. “Reclaimed window I turned into a hall table.”

15. “I turned an old wood chest from a plumber into a neat bench with the storage below still usable.”

16. “This beauty was on the curb in my neighborhood. All she needed was a little paint and a lot of love.”

17. “I upcycled my mother’s antique settee that sat in her farmhouse attic unused. It’s not perfect but was a special project.”

18. “Rags to rugs! My second try at turning an old bedsheet into a hand-woven rug.”

What old thing do you keep at home that you would like to give a second life to?

Preview photo credit shawnhollenbach / Reddit


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