20 Real-Life Situations Where Expectations Burst Like a Bubble

3 years ago

Buying things online, ordering food delivery, or just going shopping may discourage you when expectations don’t meet reality. Sometimes a product, a service, or something you made yourself looks so absurdly different from your expectations, that you may want to laugh and cry at the same time.

We at Bright Side often experience comical failures, and we like to keep an eye on what happens with others too.

1. Rice Krispies with M&M’s

2. “My coworker bought a gift for her daughter. Another example from the ‘Expectation vs Reality’ compilation”

3. “I chose a blueberry muffin. Got one blueberry. I didn’t expect the description to be so accurate.”

4. “I ordered double pepperoni.”

5. “Come on, why buy one if we can make it ourselves.”

6. “I planted corn and was pretty excited to harvest it. Then I saw this.”

7. Bad luck with fortune cookies

8. This was done in a really nice nail salon.

9. Don’t trust Instagram ads.

10. “My girlfriend ordered a jacket and got this instead. They don’t even have this item in their inventory.”

Did she at least try it on? © DidNoOneNoticeThis / imgur

11. “That’s not what I wanted.”

12. If this is a perm, it’s better to shave your head.

13. “This is a dog shirt that I bought for Oscar. I think they sent me an adult one.”

14. “My friend texted me saying that he got robbed today.”

15. Pay attention to the pen to estimate the size.

16. “Well, I got 2 water bottles.”

17. “I ordered an inflatable fishing boat.”

18. When fortune wasn’t on your side when you ordered pizza:

19. “I know I can’t dance, but I don’t literally have 2 left feet.”

20. “A little bigger than I expected.”

Have your expectations ever gotten shattered by a harsh reality?

Preview photo credit DCJONES2014 / reddit


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I really hope number 8 was a student or an interim and not an actual artist ;_;


Idk if its only me I thought the pizza cutter in the middle was a play video button and kept clicking it until I realised it was just pic


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