20 People Whose Major Glow-Ups Will Leave Us Mere Mortals in Awe

3 years ago

Sometimes, puberty hits hard. It not only turns ugly ducklings into beautiful swans, but it’s also a time when we begin to form our preferences and ideals of attractiveness. But sometimes, puberty arrives late to the party or — oh woe! — even seems to miss it entirely. Don’t despair: in that case, dedication and hard work will surely do the trick instead.

We at Bright Side were awe-struck by these people’s transformations, so we gathered the ones that inspired us the most to share them with you.

1. “The year I left home vs The year I came back”

2. “From emo, short hair, glasses, acne, braces, and baggy clothes to sunglasses, blonde hair, and makeup.”

3. “Lost 100lbs and now I model full time!”

4. “Me, 16-years-old, never kissed a boy, genuinely believed I would never find love vs Me now, 26-years-old, much happier.”

5. “Weight loss, new hairstyle, and soaring confidence really changes a person.”

6. “Lost 45 pounds and started taking care of myself. Not sure if am a swan yet but still, I don’t avoid mirrors anymore.”

7. All it took was to find better-fitting glasses...

8. Look at her killing it now!

9. “Age 18 to 23, used to look up in photos to try to hide my substantial double chin.”

10. “60 kg difference between the 2 pictures. I’m glad things have improved.”

11. “Apparently haircuts are important...”

12. He totally took some kind of Movie-Star-Looks pill.

13. “14 to 22 grew into my face and I stopped hating every aspect of my existence!”

14. “I used to get bullied so hard as a child that I still get insecure.”

15. “Found an interview I did at my first internship about 6 years ago.”

16. “Let’s just say the last decade has been... a wild ride.”

17. Puberty blessed her.

18. “20-years-old back in college. 30-years-old right after getting married. Spending 10 years in Japan did me good I think.”

19. He turned into a real-life Aquaman!

20. “I was always overweight and self-conscious as a child. Things get better. Keep trucking guys!”

What would you want to change about your appearance? Or maybe you wanted to change it before but this milestone has already been achieved? Share your stories and photos with us!

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I love everyone in the before pictures. You look great in the Afters but you’re the same humans in the before and those touches my heart.


I love watching these! I think I will post something like this myself in the future!


These really motivate me to work on myself and see how I can improof myself!


I love how 13 changed, she basically just grew up and became a happy person, that's something we all can do!


These are all amazing but honestly number 11 looked cute even with the first hairstyle


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