19 Objects That Are Real Masterpieces of Product Design

2 years ago

“The devil is in the details,” says the famous expression, and it’s especially true for the design of everyday items. A simple inscription on a coffee bag can make you smile for an entire hour, and a funny print on fabric can make your day.

At Bright Side, we love to find objects that combine creativity and usefulness. And we want to share a few such objects with you.

“My ice cream came with an edible cookie-ish spoon. It was kind of hard to bite but didn’t soak at all!”

“These tables at my college campus use solar panels as shade, which, in turn, provide power for the charging ports on the table.”

“This is one of my favorite works of Montreal municipal design. It’s supposed to aid people who collect cans in parks for the refundable deposits.”

“You: There’s no such thing as a perfect cup. It doesn’t exist.”
“Me: Here they are!”

“I present to you, zip earphones.”

“This little saw on my working pants I‘ve never noticed before — I love little details like this, it’s so cute.”

These chairs in Paris are cut to fit the sidewalk.

“The bag my new glasses came in”

“New fabric arrived at our store and I can’t stop laughing.”

“The barcode on the box of my wife’s lactation cookies is just spot on.”

“The cord on my straightener is straight and the cord on my curling iron is curly.”

“Even the barcode on this can of hairspray is creative.”

“On the bottom of my coffee bag”

This Apollo Lego set has 1969 pieces. 1969 was when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

This bicycle kick stand looks so funny.

“I saw these cute little stools at a burger joint.”

You can use this pen for small repairs and measuring.

“I got tired of fighting with the dip, so I designed a bowl with a inward fold.”

“I bought a light dress with a flower print that made me look like a nymph. And it had a surprise! Designers made pockets in the dress.”

What thing can you not live without due to its usefulness? Show it to us in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit Achaeminus / Reddit


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