16 Landlords Who Have the Amazing Ability of Being Able to Annoy Their Tenants to the Core

2 years ago

It’s not easy to find a cool property for rent. Moreover, the apartments of our dreams often come together with a “bonus,” which consists of landlords and landladies with their own opinions and unique views on things that happen around us. Visits without preliminary warning, strange rules for using the apartment, and a very unusual look for the renovation of their property — and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to landlords’ quirks.

We at Bright Side have also had to deal with various people when looking for a place to live and when renting. However, the landlords from our compilation beat them all.

“An ideal repair, according to my landlord”

When windows are expensive, while doors were bought at a big discount:

“Does my landlord think he’s being ‘relatable’ and ‘cool’ with this or....???”

“My landlord has just put our thermostat in a cage.”

“My landlord behaves weirdly.”

“My landlord screwed a piece of cardboard to the wall.”

“My landlord permanently replaced the shower wall with a garbage bag because “tiles are too hard to find.”

“A rodent died under our sunroom this winter and stunk up the house. This was my landlord’s answer to fixing the smell...”

“My landlord told me he had the apartment cleaned before my move in today, but I think he might’ve lied.”

Do landlords sleep well at night at all?

“My landlord pretended to do work around the apartment but ended up installing this 360° wifi surveillance camera which also records audio, without telling me about it.”

“My landlord decided to re-tile the kitchen... from top to bottom apparently. We were worried that the ceiling would be next!”

“My landlord told me he’d pressure wash my deck...”

“Discovered tonight that the carbon monoxide alarm in our apartment hasn’t had a battery for the entire time we’ve lived here and that it was ‘plugged in’ to 2 slits my landlord had carved in the wall.”

“My landlord finally fixed my back door. Good as new”

“We moved into an apartment and wanted to get rid of this painting. But the landlord said, “You won’t be able to remove it, I made sure of it.”

What quirks from landlords have you ever encountered?

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