16 Animal Photos Proving That Nature Has a Great Sense of Humor

2 years ago

Animals are unique, just like humans. This is why we all try to look for a pet that suits us. But, aside from personality, we also pay a lot of attention to their appearance. Sometimes, we are amazed by how creative nature is.

Bright Side has made a compilation of animals that have a completely unique appearance.

Would you like to have these eyebrows?

Half-blue, half-green

A kitten wearing a stylish little top hat

She was born with a perfect paw print on her nose.

Ashley McLelland Harper

When you decide to change your hair color:

A very rare color combo

Here, nature skipped the fur color, and instead concentrated on the universe inside the eyes.

This beauty’s name is Moon, which really suits her.

Angie Dubberly Young

So my friend sent me this picture with the message, “This reminds me of you.”

This kitten has a heart on its nose.

A puppy with a mustache!

This mysterious cat has a great name — Narnia.

When you look a little bit like a rabbit:

This cat is always surprised — and he’s really famous in China.

This calf has a question.

Modern girls would be jealous of these eyebrows.


The light from the sunshine is perfect. It panted this cat half gold.

Do you have any pets? Share their pictures in the comment section below!


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The angry cat with eyebrows is photo shopped, but he does have a mustache :)


What unique and adorable animals. All of their special markings make them so expressive, it's fantastic!


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