20+ Pets That Became Completely Unrecognizable After Grooming

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An unusual haircut can dramatically change someone’s look, even if they walk on 4 paws instead of 2 feet. Sometimes, groomers do such crazy things to pets that their owners simply can’t recognize them. Some people really like the result, and others count the weeks, waiting for the fur to grow back. But nobody is left indifferent.

We at Bright Side are sure that finding the right groomer is a rare stroke of luck.

Boom — no fur. Boom — you have eyes now.

First grooming ever for him

Somewhere deep in the fur, there’s a cute dog.

It’s as if the dog just took off its coat.

“I asked the groomer to give my fluffy cat a wash and a ‘sanitary cut.’ I got back a lion cub.”

“7-month-old Barney before and after a severe summer trim”

“I thought the trim would look ridiculous, but I actually like it.”

“Before and after grooming our 14-year-old boy”

The cat must be wondering where all its fur went.

“The elderly owner of this little guy has been in and out of the hospital for the last year.”

“It was a pleasure to help her get her good boy back to good condition!”

“Right after grooming. I think he looks cute.”

Grooming can change pets beyond recognition.

“Gave groomers my cat. Got back a monster.”

“Before and after of my dog Chewy. When we first got him, the previous owners didn’t ever clean him!”

“My mom groomed him and the rest is history.”

Such a charming dog after grooming!

“Grooming is not cheap but he likes it!”

A good trim can make anyone look younger.

“Grandpa on the left. Grandson on the right.”

“I asked groomers to trim my Samoyed and they shaved her instead! I cried when I saw my poor girl!”

Some dogs look more noble after grooming.

“My cat turned into a lion today.”

“I think I got the wrong dog.”

This collie turned into a beautiful dog after a 2-day grooming session.

“Groomers messed up and trimmed my corgi too short.”

“I got back to the groomer and said, ’This dog is cute, but where is my dog?’”

Do you groom your pets, or do you think animals can handle excess fur on the own?

Preview photo credit shinadoll / Reddit


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