20+ Pics That Look 100% Normal Until You Look Closer

2 years ago

Seeing your baby perfectly blend in with your carpet, witnessing a colony of penguins on your jeans, or your sock wanting to eat you — these events might sound a bit strange at first, but we are here to prove to you they can exist. People shared some pictures that might require closer inspection to be cracked, and we collected the best ones.

Bright Side believes in you and your keen eye for detail, and we’re sure you can decipher the following collection of snaps.

1. “Back during my morning commute, I spotted this lovely derp.”

2. “This Komondor dog upon the Posidonia seaweed”

3. “My mom sent me that pic to show me what the weather is like where she lives. She captured a bird flying straight up and pooping.”

4. “Perfect timing to catch my ice cream drip”

5. “This is an oil painting I made of my wife. It’s hard to see it’s a painting until you zoom in.”

6. Can you spot the cat?

7. “Lost my daughter as she practiced crawling on the rug.”

8. “Always losing the Apple remote...”

9. “My photo is tripping me out.”

10. “Pretty pants”

11. Alice Capsey sported a beard at her latest cricket game.

12. Peacock-deer

13. “A giant dog over a vast waterfall”

14. “Yes, I do have legs.”

15. “The pattern that formed after water fell off this building front looks like a lion.”

16. “A zoomed-in picture of my jeans looks like a colony of penguins.”

17. If you zoom in on the left image, you’ll see tons of little frogs.

18. “I don’t know what happened, but I like it!”

19. “I think my sock is going to eat me!”

20. “Cupcake licks a friend...”

21. Plants or lips?

22. Dogs or humans?

Were you able to see the penguins in the jeans? Do you have a picture that was taken at the right place at the right time? Please share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit thetinycatt / Reddit


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I thought it was a photo
what a talented painter he is, his wife must be so proud of him


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