15 Pets Who Have Zero Idea How Adorable They Are

2 years ago

Pets can be messy and get on our nerves at times, but there’s something about them that makes it all worthwhile. Every pet owner knows that our 4-legged friends always find a way to make us feel warm and cozy inside, and this compilation proves it.

The Bright Side team came up with a compilation of some of the cutest pets we found while scouting the net.

1. “Her face when I told her she’s prettier than me”

2. “First boat ride!”

3. “Jerry passed his first level of puppy class!”

4. “Cool pupper”

5. “Penny loves being cozy.”

6. “I’m watching you...”

7. “My cat sleeping with his favorite toy”

8. “No, I’m NOT outgrowing the kiddie pool. Still a perfect fit.”

9. “Bentley likes to hide his toy mice under one specific sofa. Here he is with the 13 I pulled out today.”

10. “This handsome berner is officially 1 year old!”

11. “Went to the vet to pick up meds for my dog, wasn’t greeted by a person but by this cutie instead.”

12. “He’s judging me so hard right now.”

13. “Being rocked to sleep...”

14. “Just adopted this chonker. 100% going on a diet today.”

15. “She knows she’s not allowed to flop in the muddy water. She also knows she’s cute.”

Which photo pulled on your heart strings? Do you have a furry friend at home?

Preview photo credit skrawczyk / Reddit


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