15 Photos That Prove Living With a Cat Is Better Than Watching an Oscar-Winning Comedy

2 years ago

When you’ve been asking yourself why cats often act a certain way, just stop. Their behavior is often impossible to explain. They let you pet them one moment, and the next second, they scratch and bite you. They sleep calmly, and then they jump up for no reason.

We at Bright Side adore cats. This is why we have prepared photos of certain cats that make their owners’ lives more fun and unpredictable.

“I’m going to become a father soon. Is everything right here?”

“My mom sent me a photo. Her cat loves lying on the vibrating washing machine as if it’s some kind of massage.”

“This time, my mom left a bucket there. The cat is not happy.”

“Cosmo was acting weird by spending all his time in the sink. Went to the vet. The vet says he’s fine and is in the sink constantly because ’he’s a cat.’”

“6 of my kitties on the back of my couch”

“You’ve just seen a ghost.”

“He sits like this every day.”

“I heard my cat making strange noises in the bathroom, I came in to see this.”

“I think there’s something wrong with my cat.”

Scarf cat

“He just stands like this. It’s scary.”

“He likes to huff the wrapper from my mint chocolate candy (there is no chocolate left in there, he just likes anything that smells like mint).”

“This is Gus’s favorite plant. He specifically seeks it out every time we hang out in the garden.”

“No. Only cat can be baby.”

“Found my cat’s hidey holes under the oven.”

“Whenever we turn a fan or air filter on, our little girl goes and sits right in front of it and makes her ’fan face.’”

What is the weirdest thing your, or someone else’s, cat has done?

Preview photo credit saintphoenixxx / Reddit


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