15 Pics That Prove Some People Were Born to Make Us Laugh

2 years ago

Good humor is a form of art, but some people have taken it to a whole different level, making sure to never miss an opportunity to make fun of their friends and family. But let’s face it: if you want to have a healthy heart and live longer, it’s the funny people around you that shine the brightest.

Bright Side has gathered 15 photos, proving that some of us were born with a great sense of humor. And we must admit that they’ve succeeded.

1. “My friend’s red-haired daughter has a self-deprecating sense of humor, and she put this in the fridge.”

2. “My cousins have Alopecia Universalis and an excellent sense of humor.”

3. “I lost a bet and I owe my friend $20. Here’s how I’ll give it to him on Monday.”

4. “Although I know she’s worried about the hurricane, my mom still keeps her sense of humor about it.”

5. “Our friend is buying his first home today, so we worked with his realtor to be sure this is the first thing waiting for him in his kitchen.”

6. “I had a friend move in due to a last-minute change in his living situation. So I got him a cake.”

7. “I pranked my wife.”

8. “I made this little guy to scare my husband in the morning!”

9. “Asked my husband for a salad...this is what he brought back!”

10. “My son told my husband there was a lot of water coming from under the sink to the fridge.”

11. “My husband gifted me a bandana banana.”

12. “My wife’s interesting choice of words for our anniversary cake!”

13. “My 12-year-old daughter’s sense of humor is showing.”

14. “My daughter called me on my way back from the store stating that our toilet had a huge leak. I came home to this...”

15. “My friend made a stool chart cake for my birthday.”

Well, there are a lot of ways to make people laugh. Which one was your favorite? Which one would you like to try on your friends and family? Let us know in the comment section.

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Preview photo credit TaoTheCat / Reddit


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