15+ People Who Went Shopping but Had an Adventure Instead

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Another trip to the nearest supermarket turned out to be far from routine for the characters of today’s compilation, all because they saw something they didn’t expect to see. They got so excited by these store discoveries that they rushed to post them online. After all, there are many interesting things to see.

Bright Side learned what surprises were waiting for Reddit, Twitter, and Pikabu users in regular stores that they dropped into.

1. “Got to the supermarket and saw this.”

Always wash your vegetables, folks! © Lexam / Reddit

2. “A local supermarket is exploring its culinary creativity.”

3. “My daughter brought an emoji marshmallow lollipop thing back from Mexico.”

4. “My local supermarket bakery has a special bread-meter.”

5. “There’s a machine to grind up your coffee beans in the coffee section at our local supermarket.”

6. “The supermarket in my city has started farming selected greens.”

7. “This supermarket cart has a magnifying glass so that people with poor eyesight can read the labels and small print.”

8. This supermarket has a basket elevator.

9. “I went to a supermarket and saw a cleaning robot that roams the aisles.”

10. “This cat protects the cashier’s lower back.”

11. “After this thing fell onto me from a shelf in a store, I realized that it’s not the wizard who chooses the wand but vice versa.”

12. This grocery store grows some of the mushrooms it sells.

13. “Checkmate to all the people complaining that children are being carried in carts!”

14. “Great to see my local supermarket chain offering super easy vegan-friendly identifiers.”

15. “My grocery store has display screens to show you what’s in the cooler.”

16. This store has a miniature door for kids next to the adult full-size door.

17. “Here’ the pet store cat showing me his favorite food. 10/10 recommendation, 10/10 customer service. Will return.”

18. “An unknown person leaves gifts on supermarket shelves to help lift spirits.”

What memorable things have you found on supermarket shelves and in stores?

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit nestacat / Reddit


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