25 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind

2 years ago

When it comes to photography, the first picture of a human being was taken by accident, demonstrating that the most memorable photos happen by chance. However, there are moments when everything in the universe aligns so perfectly that all you have to do is push the button at the appropriate location and the proper time. Precise timing can create or ruin a photograph, transforming it into a joyful occasion or a lovely fantasy.

The Bright Side team is astonished by these pictures of accidental happenstances and we would like to share them with you.

1. “A guest dropped a pacifier in the Cypress Swamp exhibit at the Virginia Living Museum today. Someone was quick to take advantage!”

2. “Watching TV with my feet up when suddenly...”

3. “Just popped in at the perfect moment!”

4. “The shadows cast by these cables form a man’s head.”

5. “My little sister’s hair formed the number 5.”

6. “This angry workout machine.”

7. “These water jugs look like they’re getting married.”

8. “My odometer matched today’s date.”

9. “A very wide person at the gym”

10. “A pic my husband took of me passing him a pencil”

11. “Thought I found a foot in the yard.”

12. “My girlfriend’s hairband — she gave up trying to find it earlier.”

13. “My egg broke out into human shape.”

14. “The book I was reading on the plane mentioned the flight I was reading it on.”

15. “Light reflecting on the surface makes It looks like a shark is in my Koi pond.”

16. “This guy’s shoes at the hospital.”

17. “Dude spawned twice for his route.”

18. “6 legs, 2 tails, and no head”

19. “My friend easily carrying his end of this fallen tree.”

20. “Hotel hallway? I got lost in an old armchair.”

21. “When you walk in your room and have a mild heart attack.”

22. “Crumpled paper shadow faces”

23. “A man with 2 bodies”

24. “One second before the disaster”

25. “My face mask dried unevenly & matches my sweat shirt”

What photo made you want to scroll back to take a second glance? Do you have a deceptive image you’d like to share?


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