17 Pictures That Prove Some Things Can Be Much Larger Than We Thought

2 years ago

There are many reasons why animals, fruits, and vegetables can grow larger than anticipated. For things that grow in the ground, the first reason can be human intervention and in many cases the environment. For animals, it can be due to acromegaly, where creatures have way more growth hormones than normal. Whatever the reason, we are glad to see how nature can diversify its creations.

Bright Side is in true awe of these things and creatures that appear to be much larger than we are used to seeing them.

1. One giant hanging bat

2. A frog the size of a human fist

3. “Bella vs Mini”

4. That’s one big chicken.

5. How many people do you think it can feed?

6. Gigantic carrot

7. “4.5 kg Toblerone chocolate bar”

8. “A natural beehive, full of honey”

9. “Giant lemon from our tree”

10. “This chonker next to my grandmother”

11. “Green bean dad grew, banana for scale”

12. “HUGE pepper grinder”

13. “This yam is outrageously long.”

14. “An unusually large cecropia moth, normal max wingspan is 5-7 inches, but this one looks larger.”

15. “This freakish carrot I engaged in battle with”

16. “Wife is allergic but could not resist carrying my 8-month-old kitten.”

17. “My cat is looking for a wife. He’s 24 lbs and he is not at all overweight. Very good boy.”

Have you ever seen something abnormally big? What was it and what was your reaction like?


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