17 People That Moved Into Old Houses and Became Treasure Hunters

2 years ago

Books and movies always tell us that somewhere out there, there’s a treasure, and to find it, we need a map. The people from this article didn’t need it to find something special or valuable. It was right under their noses, and in some cases, under their feet.

We at Bright Side are happy when people make cool discoveries, especially when they find traces of the past in their own homes.

“I am the guy with the 1857 stone house near Gettysburg PA... Went up in the attic, pulled up some boards, and found a hidden staircase that leads nowhere.”

“Found a 1917 telephone directory buried in the crawl space of our 1903 home.”

“Found this wallpaper in my 1901 Queen Anne during kitchen demo today.”

“Discovered some vintage tiles.”

“Removing some unsalvageable wallpaper from my 1910 home and found a border stamped on the plaster.”

“This 117-year-old newspaper scrap that had been under the floorboards in my bathroom”

“Found this locked alligator briefcase hidden at the back of a closet in a 1933 home.”

“Just removed latex paint from my fireplace to discover the original slate tile with faux marble, painted finish intact.”

“We just found out we had a 25-ft deep well located under the deck while renovating. Creepy!”

“There are at least 5 layers of old wallpaper in my 1920s bungalow.”

“My family recently took out our fireplace and found the original tiles (we think it’s from the early 1900s).”

“The oak floors I uncovered in the first room I’m working on in my house, 😍 generally in very good condition”

“I can’t believe they were covered with blue carpet.”

“Found some original stamped tin.”

“Only took a few days after closing on our 1879 row home for us to find a brick fireplace hidden behind drywall!”

“I found this old rusty toolbox in my garage when I bought my house.”

“I fixed it up and I think I’m going to use it as a coffee cart! I’ve never worked with metal before.”

“We bought a 1920s bungalow that came with its original coal furnace.”

“It had a fully loaded coal room.”

“This is a vintage doorbell button. It’s from the 1930s.”

Have you ever found anything interesting in your home?

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Preview photo credit aturquoiseseashell / Reddit


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