What 13 Male Disney Villains Would Look Like If They Were the Opposite Gender

3 years ago

Jafar hypnotized and manipulated the poor sultan for power. Gaston was not ashamed of being callous or wanting to kill the Beast, and Hades would not stop until all souls were forgotten. Disney villains can be so very evil — but what if we edited them a bit and transformed them into the sweet female characters they seek to torment?

Bright Side gave some of Disney’s most evil guys a (likely unwanted) makeover and turned them into their complete opposites: cute princesses. Don’t forget to check the bonus section waiting for you at the end of the article.

1. Gaston

2. Jafar

3. Clayton

4. Captain Hook

5. Governor Ratcliffe

6. Prince Hans

7. Hades

8. Shan Yu

9. Dr. Facilier

10. Claude Frollo

11. Sid Phillips

12. Bowler Hat Guy

13. Syndrome

Bonus: animals transformed into princesses

1. Iago

2. Scar

3. Sabor

Which of these villains should have their own movie? If you were a character in a Disney movie, what would your story look like?


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