15 Situations That Make Us Scratch Our Heads and Say “Why?”

2 years ago

A roommate that doesn’t do their dishes and an off-centered column in a building have a lot in common: They can both make our blood boil. Everyone encounters annoyances like this sooner or later, so it’s a good thing to know how to cope with them. Remember: laughter is the best medicine.

Bright Side brings you some circumstances that would make anyone facepalm.

1. “My roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them.”

2. “The way my wife loaded the dishwasher.”

3. “My partner borrowed my car for a few days, and gave it back like this.”

4. “The bun on this burger I ordered this morning.”

5. “After 17 years of my life I finally notice this in my house.”

6. “First time I ordered shoes online.”

7. “I have to pay to use the plus sign with this calculator app.”

8. “This sticker came off with no glue on it. It all remained on the laptop.”

9. “I’m already here so you could tell me the hours straight up.”

10. “These people are walking down the middle of the road to their car. This has gone on for over a minute.”

11. “Each person took a turn slamming their shopping cart into the front of my new car.”

12. “Someone keeps using my bike as a trash bin.”

13. “This toy I bought for my son is advertised as looking realistic and you can’t see it until you open the package.”

14. “An off-centered pillar on a building in my city”

15. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to use this.”

What is something that usually tests your patience? What relaxes you after an annoying situation? Leave us your stories, tips, and pics in the comments because going through them is the best part of our day!

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