I Accidentally Cheated on My Wife, and Her “Payback” Left Me in Shock

6 months ago

Cheating is always a painful experience for a couple. And when one partner cheats, it’s often a challenge for the second one to choose whether to forgive or to end a relationship. Our today’s hero is a man, who cheated on his wife only once, and he thought things have settled up in his family after that. But his wife served him a bitter dish with her own behavior, and now the man can’t figure out what to do with his family life.

A man appeared in a very whimsical situation.

An anonymous 32-year-old man took to Reddit to share that he and his 29-year-old wife were having a real drama in their family. He wrote that they had been married for five years. And in the second year of their happy relationship, he had an affair, which wasn’t a long-lasting one and happened accidentally. He revealed the truth to his wife and their marriage seemed to have been restored, but it turned out things went a very wrong way.

The man states that his wife was able to forgive him for his affair, and they even went to marriage counseling to make their marriage work out after such a trial for both. But one day, he revealed that all this time his wife was playing pretend and probably had something in her mind. It was his discovery, even not the affair itself, that was the beginning of a huge family dilemma, which the desperate man is trying to solve now.

The man’s discovery absolutely shocked him.

Some days ago, while the man’s wife was in the shower, he went through her phone and found the texts confirming she was cheating. This totally broke him, both as a man and as a husband, and he wrote that he felt so betrayed. The man then confronted his wife after she got out of the shower. She said that her affairs were absolutely ok because he previously cheated on her and had set the precedent for allowing infidelity.

The man tried to convince his wife that his cheating was a half-conscious 1 time thing and that he hadn’t had any affairs since. She also insisted that he didn’t even know the girl and his wife, on the contrary, now has a relationship with the guy. His wife’s reaction totally made him panic, as she got mad and stormed off. She then left for work, and the man hadn’t seen her since. He wrote that he’s totally sure she’s with that other man, and it hurt. He confessed that, on the one hand, he feels he deserves this, but at the same time he now wants his wife back.

People’s advice and opinions about the whole situation were very different.

The post has gained more than 5,000 comments, and the users were really shocked by the whole situation. One user wrote, “She didn’t forgive you. She just stopped talking about it.” Another person shared their experience, saying, “I was with my ex for 7 years, and we constantly fought about the same things over and over. He would cheat on me, lie, disrespect me — honestly a whole slew of issues and then get mad at me for ‘not letting things go’ or ‘holding things over his head’ anytime I wanted to discuss it or express frustration.”

Many users supported the wife, saying that, no matter what was the reason for the husband’s affair, the wife had a right to pay him back. One person shared, “Truth right here, she never forgave you — when my ex cheated on me, I went and did it back, (2 wrongs don’t make it right). Then it became toxic, we just started doing anything we could to hurt each other. I BECAME NUMB, AND when I finally said enough and got out of that relationship, he was all surprised and so was everyone else we knew — I had already gone through all the emotions of a break-up why I was still inside of what ever that was. I no longer felt anything for us.”

And here’s the article that describes 10 signs that your partner may be emotionally cheating on you.

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