19 Photos That Are Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face

3 years ago

Get ready to take a break and see the most cheerful pictures on the internet today. From kids asking for hilarious and unique Halloween costumes to puppies’ blissful first-time reactions, sometimes all we need is to take some time off to see how wonderful and cheery life can be.

And because of that Bright Side prepared a special delivery for you with 19 joyful pics that will make you feel as happy as a clam.

1. “I give you my dog as a chess piece!”

2. “It seems my cat has a sweet tooth.”

3. “My boyfriend’s reaction when the otter let him rub her belly”

4. “My kid wanted to be a cup of mac and cheese for Halloween.”

5. “Boyfriend is proud of the Corgi we just adopted.”

6. “Cheezit cat is my muse, I love you, buddy.”

7. “My girlfriend was brushing her teeth when a monster popped out from under the sink.”

8. “Found a baby squirrel on the bike path today. My kids really wanted to keep it.”

9. “My niece and her best friend got a trampoline. I think they are enjoying it.”

10. “My sweet, special child...”

11. “How my boyfriend’s mom’s cat sits.”

12. “My mom washed all the dog toys. And now he won’t come in the house without them.”

13. “We’ve had her for one week, and this is how she sleeps now...”

14. “My dog has a naturally dopey face. Exhibit A:”

15. “My aquarium celebrating the oldest mammal we have, Ellie”

16. “Kaya is turning into a plant.”

17. “My dad hasn’t been out to the farm for a few months. This is their first time hugging in a long time.”

18. “Caught my niece at just the right moment.”

19. “My dog waiting so patiently for my grandma to fix one of her favorite toys.”

What was your favorite pic? Do you also have an uplifting photo to share with us? We’d love to see it!

Preview photo credit kingqueefsalot / reddit


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Loving the spirited away shirt on number 13! I was once a basket of laundry for halloween, a black hole, and a sand witch, meaning that I had a bathing suit, a towel, a wand, and a witches hat.


no: 13 such a viscous breed, many people don't realise they were originally called nanny dogs, bc they protected their families. Truth!


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