20 Pics That Can Grab Your Heart With Their Backstories

2 years ago

Cats can follow the human gaze for direction, and puppies are born ready to communicate with humans. The bond between people and their pets is one of a kind, and it can influence us as well as them, physically, socially, and emotionally. A pose that says it all, a split-second reaction, and that one story we always share are the backbones behind the unique human-animal bond. No need for Dr. Dolittle, we got this.

Today at Bright Side, we searched for these heartwarming stories and found some really special moments, and we’re sharing them with you.

1. “My wife and I got back today from a week-long vacation. This is what happened when I tried to move the car so I could mow.”

2. “Took my dog to see the daffodils. He enjoyed catching pruned cherry blossom branches. This was the best picture I could manage.”

3. “My mentally challenged dog named Stanley”

Stanley doesn’t respond to his own name. In 5 years, having been with different trainers, he learned only the “sit” command, and he repeats the same actions daily (collects 3 specific items and leaves them under a bed). But he is deeply loved. In the words of his owner: “He may be a bit slow, but his silly quirks, good nature, and odd little personality make us love him even more.”

4. “Tomorrow is my husband’s fortieth birthday. All he wanted was this beautiful pup. 2 years ago, we lost our beloved dog.”

5. “This is Stormy, the newest member of the Alyeska Resort’s mountain safety team. Just imagine being rescued by that face.”

Stormy will spend the next 2 years training in order to become a certified avalanche rescue dog in Alyeska Resort’s mountain safety team.

6. “I adopted an emaciated, flea-ridden cat who hissed at everyone but me.”

“She’s gotten me through one college degree, and she’s by my side as I go through nursing school.”

7. “Caught in a candid emotional moment with my doggo: the moment I realized my dog was struggling because I’m struggling.”

8. “My friends’ dog made a new friend at the beach today.”

9. “Why yes, I have seen Tinks.”

10. “My dog is 18 and has trouble standing. Since Clare was born, he stands for hours watching. Good boy!”

11. “Found a pup on a mountain bike trail.”

He was on an evening ride when he heard some coyotes and saw this little guy hiding in a ditch. With no collar or tag, he gave him water and waited to see if anyone came looking. So after a while, he took him in his backpack and brought him to the nearest fire station for help.

12. — “Mommy, I see a monster!!!”
— “No, kitty, it’s your toy...”

13. “My dog had lost his mind this morning, digging and barking like a fool. Baby trash panda had been trapped in our backyard.”

14. “Pup’s first holiday season! I put a single ornament on the tree and he is waiting to play with it.”

15. “Please stop throwing kittens out in the road, okay? I’m running out of names. Here’s Cheese.”

16. “A pic of my dog being not a dog”

He’s deaf, so besides having to wear a vibrating collar, he has some strange behaviors.

17. “We decided to make a cat door because he was always coming into my room...”

18. “My parents’ German Shepherd was missing for 30 hours when our Golden Retriever found her in a drainage pipe.”

19. “I left my door open for 2 seconds to drop off. This sweet baby was in my car when I came back. It’s not my dog.”

20. “This is Jimmy. We live in a van together and travel full-time. He’s been to almost every US state.”

Did any of these make your day brighter? Which one? And how about you — do you have a photo with a backstory only you know about?

Preview photo credit Nessi4u / Imgur, areuthless / Reddit


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So many Gorgeous faces, but l agrees with Cheese's friend.!


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