What 11 Popular Celebrities From the ’90s Look Like Now

2 years ago

Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Beverly Hills, 90210 were some of the most popular series decades ago. We may still remember actors from those movies as they were that time, but they have undergone some major changes since their rise to fame.

We at Bright Side had a nostalgic moment and would like to share with you how famous celebs from the ’90s have changed.

1. Kristin Davis

2. Melissa Joan Hart

3. Selma Blair

4. Kim Cattrall

5. Ben Weber

6. Lindsay Lohan

7. Winona Ryder

8. Pamela Anderson

9. Elle MacPherson

10. Devon Sawa

11. James Van Der Beek

Which celebrity from the ’90s is your favorite? Which old episodes or movies you can rewatch at any moment?

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