We’ve All Been There: 22 Photos Taken Right Before a Disaster

2 years ago

Who doesn’t secretly like to watch people getting into little troubles every now and then? It can be funny to see people tripping, slipping, getting hit, and all sorts of stuff, and we have all been there too. Here at Bright Side, we decided to compile some crucial moments that you’ll want to see again and again.

1. Brakes! Brakes!

2. When Jesus decides to trip on the water:

3. That’s evil by all definitions.

4. She’s admiring the beauty of the wave, but does she know where it’s heading?!

5. Mom’s going to have something to say about this mess!

6. A new kind of wheelie!

7. Dude! You’ve got the wrong basket!

8. When she says you’re not HOT:

9. Catch him, Grandma!

10. That was a messy “Cheers!”

11. Humans! Always finding new ways to fly.

12. When you like skateboarding but your wife doesn’t allow it:

13. Is it what they call brain-freezing?

14. One from the ’80s!

15. I can’t believe he’s a professional.

16. Dancing on water tutorials

17. I believe I can fly!

18. Maybe the raft was created by her ex.

19. Are they fishing or is the fish humaning?

20. Here’s a rare pic of Thor and Loki fighting when they were young:

21. When she says, “I love you as a friend.”

22. We hope that’s the last piece of bad luck!

What do you think about our compilation? Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to share it. The world needs to see this!

Preview photo credit Vadge/imgur, Vadge/imgur


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