18 Pet-Human Bonds That Will Level Up Your Daily Dose of Serotonin

2 years ago

Cuddling up as you sleep, begging you for attention, posing for photos, and hanging out as you do your favorite activities — life with pets is never boring. But animals are also very loving and form special bonds with the humans they trust. The love you can share with an animal is unique, unconditional, and can brighten anyone’s day.

That’s why we at Bright Side have compiled these photos of pet-human bonds that are sure to brighten your day (and make you want a pet as soon as possible).

1. Sometimes the best therapy is free.

2. When your cat is like your baby:

3. “How I wash my face in the morning”

4. “Couldn’t have had a stronger bond with human or animal.”

5. “Convinced my husband to let me get a kitten... guess he likes her okay.”

6. “We got a little kitty and she bonded with me fast.”

7. “They say that pets look like their owners...Do you think it’s true?”

8. “I was worried the dogs would lose their bond to me when I left home...thankfully they prove me wrong when I visit.”

9. “I took my cat to run all my errands today and I think that’s just how I’m going to live my life from now on.”

10. “Her previous owner didn’t treat her very well so it was impossible for her to get comfortable with new people.”

“2 years later, she snuggles up next to me to sleep.”

11. “Pets know when their human is feeling off, my little guy crawled on top of me and gave me an ‘everything is going to be okay’ type snuggle.”

12. “Our cat loves my husband. If his lap isn’t available, she will find some other way to sit on him.”

13. “When people tell me my boy, Clive, is just a ram and has no feelings for me as a human. I disagree...I think he likes me.”

14. “I think my mom likes her early Christmas present.”

15. “It’s a pillow! It’s a pet! It’s a sweet P!”

16. “22 years later, there’s no question about why I still love my job.”

17. “My cat loves my wife so much. Here she is cracking the biggest smile in her arms.”

18. “I was alone when I fell asleep, but I guess they wanted to join in on the fun.”

What kind of pet do you have, or do you wish to have? Do you have a photo of you and your pet as BFFs?

Preview photo credit selanikgocmeni / Reddit


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