15 Sculptures That Can Make You Stop and Go, “Wow”

2 years ago

There is a connection between art, healing, and public health, researchers say. Visual art helps people express feelings that are too difficult to put into words. Happiness, melancholy, and depression can be shown in unique ways that can touch your heart to the very depths.

We at Bright Side never stop enjoying visual art, and today we bring you 15 sculptures that may impress you.

1. “First, the man takes the drink; then, the drink takes the man.” The sculpture was created based on an old Irish saying.

2. Giant clothespin

3. “The Kiss of Death”

4. “The Splash” glass sculpture

5. Melancholy

6. “Karma” sculpture stretches to infinity.

7. “A sculpture that vanishes in front of you.”

8. A statue at McGill University in Montreal

9. The pregnant mountain

10. “This tree grew around a stone sculpture of a face, making it appear as if there is a green man trapped inside.”

11. “This sculpture at the USA/Canada border”

12. The giant eyeball sculpture

13. “Corporate head” sculpture

14. This sculpture carved out of bricks

15. A sculpture in Bristol

Which sculpture impressed you the most? Do you prefer modern or classic art?

Preview photo credit scot816/reddit


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