These 16 Families Have Such an Amazing Sense of Humor, They Could Make Anyone Laugh

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2 years ago

From prank presents to having a laugh about going back to school, these families have an infectious sense of humor. It’s important to see the humorous side of life, whether it’s your family eating your noodles or finding a funny way to tell your husband to take out the compost. These families show us that some banter and practical jokes can be healthy and bring families closer together.

At Bright Side, we appreciate someone with a good send of humor, so we are sharing these family photos that have a bit of a comic twist to brighten up your day.

1. “My wife doesn’t want me snacking late at night, but here are these 2 goons CAUGHT RED HANDED eating MY noodles behind my back.”

2. “The cookies my daughter made are kind of avant-garde. So...proud...?”

3. “My mom can’t stop laughing at this eggplant’s face.”

4. “A 1940s picture of my grandmother”

5. “My wife seriously thought I wouldn’t be able to find the stud. Joke’s on her.”

6. “My wife is a monster.”

7. “It’s supposed to be a Father’s Day card that looks like a dog. My daughter is 17.”

8. “My brother got me this for Christmas, and I don’t even fish.”

9. “I got my husband a Father’s Day card from our puppy.”

10. “How my husband cut this pizza. Do I... do I stay married??”

11. “I made a cake for my little brother’s 18th birthday and my 6-year-old sister scraped all the icing off with her finger and ate it.”

12. “I couldn’t remember how my husband likes his coffee so he made a cheat sheet for me.”

13. “My sister made me a PS1 Hagrid birthday cake!”

14. “My family has 2 vases that we keep leaving at each other’s house. This is where I hid one today.”

“The other I left on my sister’s lawn and drove away while she was yelling at me.”

15. “My husband and I are first-time homeowners. We decided to pose our skeleton in various rooms in photos to show our family/friends.”

16. “Told my husband if he didn’t take this bowl out to the compost soon that it would come alive and take itself.”

Does your family have an inside joke — if so, what is it? What is the best prank that you’ve ever played on someone?

Have some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. We’ll be waiting in the meantime!

Preview photo credit rumbelows / reddit


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