12 Truths We Should Tell Our Daughters Before They Become Adults

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3 years ago

Children tend to grow outrageously fast. And before you know it, your baby will become a charming young lady who no longer carries around a schoolbag. Now, she has a suitcase in her hands and she’s standing on the verge of adulthood. At such moments, we often regret that we didn’t have time to explain some important things to our children.

We at Bright Side thought about what words we would’ve liked to hear from our parents in childhood, and we wrote them down in our quotation book, decorating them with touching illustrations.

Mistakes are a rewarding experience that no one can avoid on the road to happiness. Don’t give up, but think about them, draw conclusions, and keep moving toward your goal.

Perfect people don’t exist. Everyone doesn’t know how to do something and fails sometimes. The secret to success is simple — rise more often than you fall.

Respect yourself. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t influence you. Be able to listen to yourself and independently determine your strengths and weaknesses on which you’re going to work.

Your first love won’t necessarily last your whole life. People grow up and may go separate ways. You should learn a lesson from unsuccessful relationships but never lose faith in love.

Kindness works wonders. Give your bully a compliment from the bottom of your heart and you’ll see that nasty guy turn into a boy with a good soul.

Help when you have extra but don’t give the last thing you have. 99% of people won’t appreciate it. Don’t do good for just anyone.

If you want to get to know the guy better, see how he treats animals. A person with a kind heart will never offend a little creature who can’t fight back.

Don’t lose yourself trying to make things comfortable for others. Life is a journey where only you decide whether you want to reshape yourself to fit into the standards to please everyone or live for your own pleasure.

Trust yourself. When your confidence in yourself weakens, stop and listen to your heart. No one knows better than you what’s right for you.

Don’t rush to sell your only apartment so that you and your husband can buy a bigger one. Always have a backup place where you can go if your spouse turns out to be less than a prince.

Things will only make you happy for a short time. Experiences are more valuable than things. It doesn’t matter how much your phone costs when you walk around Manhattan.

Many school friends will disappear from your life immediately after graduation. If you’re lucky to stay friends with at least one of them, take care of this treasure.

What common truths have helped you in adulthood? Which of them would you like your child to understand?


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all are great advice. i wish people knew and followed #5. the world would be so much better and school would be so much bearable


Me and my best friend just celebrated our 5 year anniversary as friends. We are 10 by the way.


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