17 Finds That Need to Be Compared to Common Objects to Understand How Unique They Are

3 years ago

Every measurement can be examined in accordance with another unit to express different scales. Think, for example, that to measure size, you use inches, and for time, hours. But it’s certainly more fun when we have a point of reference to be amazed by what the world has in store for us. Finding similarities and differences puts us in the place of the person who took the picture and helps us to be surprised in the same way.

At <strong>Bright Side, we picked a series of pictures that showed us that everything can be compared to something else to be better understood. Only then did it really have an impact on us.

1. If you can only eat pizza once a week, it had better be a big one, right?

2. “A Lego I built when I was a kid based off a catalog picture vs the actual Lego set I bought 15 years later”

3. “The same color liquid in different colored buckets makes for an interesting comparison/contrast.”

4. “New vs used electrodes for my pool ionizer”

5. “A store-bought egg vs the egg my chicken laid this morning”

6. “My dad’s lunchbox from the last 23 years vs the new one he got today”

7. “My dad’s phone at age 20 vs my phone at age 20”

8. “A penny from 1847 vs today”

9. “The S21 Ultra in my wife’s jeans vs my 18-month-old son’s joggers”

10. “A pretty big nugget (Big Mac for comparison)”

11. “My toothpaste vs my girlfriend’s”

12. “The size comparison between a classic Mini and a Volkswagen Amarok I found today”

13. “A new sewing needle vs A sewing needle after 4 months of sewing”

14. “Same size climbing shoes vs Hiking shoes”

15. “Used up an eraser to the point where I can’t use it anymore. Here’s a full eraser for comparison.”

16. “These giant pinecones come from Lake Tekapo in New Zealand (apple for comparison).”

17. “Work boots, 2 years old vs Brand new”

Bonus: Some people are like 2 peas in a pod.

“I think it’s fun to look at my dad at 12 vs Me at 12”

“I put a picture of my daughter (7) and me (26) side by side.”

Do you have a curious comparison in your phone pictures? Share it with us and tell us its story.


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I wonder what kind of phone my child will have at the age of 20 😅


imagine this pine cone falls on your head from a trees 🤣


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