15+ People Who Weren’t Prepared for the Unexpected

2 years ago

Having your water stolen by a monkey or getting your milk in solid form at school — some situations are simply impossible to prepare for. It’s almost like when life gives you lemons, but instead of the sour yellow fruit, you get something so exotic that you don’t even know what to do with it. One of the ways to deal with this confusion is what our article’s heroes did: they shared it online.

We at Bright Side chose some one-of-a-kind situations that teach us to always be prepared.

1. “Hiked a mountain in hot weather. A monkey stole my water at the top then proceeded to drink it in front of me.”

2. “My friend put strawberries on pizza tonight.”

3. “The pants I got for Christmas came with the security tag.”

4. “This is the milk we get at my school.”

5. “A fasciated lemon on my tree!”

6. “One of my Twix pieces wasn’t dipped in chocolate.”

7. “Central Alberta has been rather cold.”

8. “The strong cheese was stronger than anticipated.”

9. “I asked for extra sauce for my fries and they gave me a large cup full of it.”

10. “I found a stone inside a stone.”

11. “This pillow I bought for my son — I didn’t notice for like a month.”

12. “My apartment has a stamp of Saturn on one of the walls.”

13. “Just found a 1944 train ticket in the vintage jacket I bought a few weeks ago.”

14. The pasta package simply exploded.

15. “I found a whole bed of 4-leaf clovers.”

16. “I ordered wings for New Year and got an empty box instead...”

What’s something that happened to you recently that you felt like you weren’t at all prepared for?


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2019 / 2020 / 2021 ALL OF IT!!!! I KID YOU NOT! All l can do is shake my head in disbelief!
There have only been 2 things l consider Joyous, the birth of my son and the birth of my Granddaughter!


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