15+ Designs That Balance on the Edge of Comical and Cool

2 years ago

A sense of humor is the best indicator of a great design. And of course, keeping a balance between “ridiculous” and “cool” is still quite a creative quest. But some people truly nail it with style.

We at Bright Side have found some peculiar objects that may tell their witty creation story without any words.

1. “My shirt looks really 3D.”

2. “This anatomical gingerbread man at our pediatrician’s office”

3. “This German town has the cutest traffic light.”

4. “So my wife and I were shopping for a children’s car seat. We were not disappointed.”

5. “This Mothers Day card — it almost works until you read it out loud.”

6. “A child-sized shopping cart at a major grocery store: ’customer in training’”

7. “An escalator got turned into a slide at my local mall.”

8. “A trash can in Berlin, in front of the German Museum of Technology”

9. “The lid’s just happy you lifted it so it can finally look at something else.”

10. “This bathroom down at my local pub”

11. “The way my grocery store packs their meat leading up to Valentine’s Day”

12. “Street lights by Stavanger’s Fish Market”

13. “French butter I bought today”

14. “A wrought iron see-through Volkswagen Bug”

15. “This elbow-dropping rear windshield wiper”

16. “I got my boyfriend a sweater of himself.”

17. “The Eiffel Tower in Paris, TX”

18. “This is an airport restroom for your dog in California.”

19. “This dentist’s car”

What is the funniest design you’ve ever seen? Is a sense of humor really important in our work? What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit SebastienH / reddit


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