15 Things That Are Not What They Look Like

2 years ago

David Lynch’s Twin Peaks has a cryptic quote, “The owls are not what they seem” and there is truth in it. A train that is actually a hotel room, a tree with a human foot, and a flower disguised as some mutant insect reminds us that our first impression can be misleading — if not completely wrong.

Bright Side gathered 15 photos that show many things have a hidden depth to them — so you should keep an eye on even the most mundane stuff.

1. Oil dropped into water looks like an eye.

2. “This tree standing on top of the ground.”

3. “This bit of chipped-off paint looks like a dinosaur.”

4. “The sun is creating an early Halloween mop bucket.”

5. “The hotel I stayed at was formerly a train station and had an actual train inside it, with rooms inside each car.”

6. “These young conifer cones look like gum or clay balls.”

7. “Guys, there’s something weird going on with this extension cord I found.”

8. “This house looked disapprovingly bucktoothed.”

9. “A Febreze plug-in startled me this morning.”

10. “Neighbors at our beach house made a whale-shaped bush, blowhole and all.”

11. “I jumped about a foot when I first saw it because I thought it was a bug.”

12. “This building in Minneapolis is actually 2 buildings built a few years apart. Notice the right side has an extra floor.”

13. “My friend here has a leaky nose. Anyone know how to stop it?”

14. This Doritos rock

15. Teeth? No, bell peppers.

Which picture confused you the most? And what things have you mixed up?

Preview photo credit Valfri / reddit


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no: 3 had me shaking my head Wondering if it were photo shopped...lol


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