18 Sudden Coincidences That the Universe Manifested Out of Nowhere

2 years ago

You can unknowingly purchase identical sunglasses, months apart, and break them in exactly the same way. You can discover absolutely the same building that is printed on your blanket. There are many coincidences in our world but some of them seem like they were planned.

We at Bright Side also found some glitches in the matrix and today we share with you 18 coincidences that happened in everyday life.

1. A perfect accident

2. “My blind son found a 4-leaf clover on his own.”

3. “These guys look like the same person at 3 different stages of life.”

4. He is just in time for lunch.

5. “This is how the newspapers were stacked up at my job.”

6. Ironic coincidence

7. “I lost my hat about a month ago. I found this homeless man who found it — what a coincidence.”

8. “6 red cars all in a line purely by coincidence”

9. “I was gifted the same book 3 Christmases in a row, by coincidence. They all also happened to be different editions with different cover art.”

10. “Spotted these fellow passengers with opposite shoes.”

11. “I took a picture of a lighthouse, realized later I had that same lighthouse on a blanket in my house.”

12. “I unknowingly purchased identical sunglasses months apart and had broken them in exactly the same way.”

13. “I didn’t even read the can till they were halfway done cooking.”

14. “I took a picture of my wife and her cow, we didn’t notice the awesome coincidence until later.”

15. “I lost my wallet, for 3 days, wifey found it by accident.”

16. “Recently I bought and hung a mirror and found the exact same shape bangle in my wife’s jewelry.”

17. “My twin daughters each lost their same tooth within 5 minutes of each other.”

18. “I was brushing my teeth when I noticed the clock read the same in the mirror.”

What was the last coincidence that happened to you? Do you believe in destiny and accidents?

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