20+ People That Prove a Lucky Day Can Be Today

2 years ago

A man who had his spaghetti served by Eminem, a flight attendant whose first passenger was a fluffy kitten, and a couple who met and got married thanks to a glitch in the Facebook app — these are all just a few instances of luck showering people’s heads when they least expected it and strong proof that miracles do happen, even in everyday life.

Here at Bright Side, we know that each of our readers deserves a portion of good luck in their life. And that’s why we’ve collected the stories of 23 people that can give you an optimistic charge for the day.

1. “Eminem served my spaghetti. I’m about to collapse!”

2. “I stalked this Imgurian celebrity for long enough. I sent him a message and hoped he would respond. He did, and our love story began.”

3. “My son has trouble talking and communicating, and today I found that he had spelled out ’bingo!’ One very proud dad!”

4. “This grasshopper that was spotted in a backyard in Southeast Michigan”

5. “This gramophone fungus popped up in my garden.”

6. “Today I was able to throw my daughter her first birthday party, something I never had as a child.”

7. “6 years ago, a glitch in Facebook mobile logged me into the account of a woman I’d never met. We got married this past June.”

8. “My girlfriend and I saw a dead brushtail possum in the road and decided to check for babies, and this little guy was clinging to his mother.”

9. “I got my new prosthesis today. It helps accommodate uneven grounds.”

10. “Today, I think I found the rarest thing I will ever come across and have never seen on my front tire. An albino fly!”

11. “Found out I had a new neighbor today.”

12. “I work for an industrial cleaning company. We clean storm and sewer lines, and this is what I found today.”

13. “1 miscarriage, 1 32-week stillbirth, basically 2 years of pregnancies, and today I get to bring a perfect baby boy home.”

14. “I had 2 birds land on my hand today.”

15. “I hand-fed a bumblebee today.”

16. “I found a stone, cracked it open, and it’s a geode!”

17. “Today my wife is officially under 200 lb and I was finally able to do a chin-up for the first time in my life.”

18. “I donated my hair today and I couldn’t feel happier!”

19. “I found something really special.”

20. “At the doctor’s today, my daughter pulled her debit card out and asked to pay. They played along and even made her a receipt to ’sign.’”

21. “I’m a flight attendant and this was my first passenger this morning. She made my day!”

22. “Guys, I found my twin!”

23. “Found my wedding ring 3 weeks later.”

What was the most unexpected fortunate thing that happened to you in your life? How did you react to it happening?

Preview photo credit Brendan_linden / Reddit


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