15+ Unusual Pics That Made Us Ask “Why?”

2 years ago

From a man using a ladder placed on garbage bins to reach the top of his construction project to a car with an umbrella on its roof to keep it clean in the rain. These are just a few examples of cases when logic and common sense seem to have taken a long nap and turned ordinary things into a hysterical absurdity.

Here at Bright Side, we know the feeling when we see something done in the weirdest way ever, and we’ve collected 16 examples of things that made us stop, scratch our heads, and mumble “Why?” We’d love for you to dive into the world of rib-tickling weirdness together with us.

1. “Saw a genius at work today.”

2. “Spotted a lady in Dubrovnik teaching this cat about art.”

3. “I had a mini heart attack when I saw this. Spotted in NYC today.”

4. “Saw this guy sleeping in a shop in NYC.”

5. “Friend saw this man with ribs on his head in the subway.”

6. “Came home to find my dad drying a crow with a hairdryer. I wish I was surprised by this.”

7. “Spotted this at work today. ’Chandelier’ made out of hangers.”

8. “I saw this mannequin at Target the other day.”

9. “This kid is playing a bowling game at a bowling alley.”

10. “Left my house. Saw this. Went straight back into my house.”

11. “Bought some XL tank tops so they’re not skin tight, this is not what I expected.”

12. “I left the doors open during high tide in San Diego.”

13. “He fixed his car.”

14. “My 3-year-old son found my hair clippers.”

15. “Spotted at my university, just a goat in a backpack.”

16. “This car in my neighborhood has an umbrella to keep it clean in the rain.”

What is something you’ve seen that made you turn speechless because it was done in the weirdest way possible? How did you feel when you saw this?

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