18 T-shirts That Can Сheer You Up When Things Go Wrong

4 years ago

Every year, over 2 billion T-shirts are sold worldwide. Some people try really hard to stand out of the crowd and put a smile on your face.

The first printed T-shirts were mostly used for American consumer products, such as Coca-Cola and Mickey Mouse. Since the 1970s and are still a popular way of self-expression, why not make your days brighter with funny and smart prints or jokes on your T-shirts?

Bright Side prepared some of the greatest ideas for T-shirts that people have ever come up with!

1. A T-shirt for for every occasion.

2. My dad took a selfie in front of this man with a "Stop taking selfies" t-shirt on.

3. Animal tested product.

4. Bought my family customized t-shirts with a picture of my face. They loved them.

5. Smells like Thailand spirit.

6. Things happen!

7. My girlfriend bought me this t-shirt for my birthday! It took me a while at first...

8. What an expressive mannequin.

9. Going deeper sad Shia LaBeouf wearing a sad Shia LaBeouf wearing a Shia LaBeouf wearing a Shia LaBeouf t-shirt.

10. Macaulay Culkin wearing a t-shirt with a pciture Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt that has a picture of Macaulay Culkin.

11. T-shirt pranks are getting more serious.

12. True love be like:

13. Nicolas Cage wearing a Nicolas Cage t-shirt.

14. That's all you need to know about Jake Gyllenhaal.

15. The way to a woman's heart.

16. This is what 5 minutes of silence look like:

17. If I ever have a son, I'm making him wear this t-shirt.

18. The best pair of t-shirts you'll ever see.

Tell us in the comments which of the t-shirts you would like to buy for yourself and don't forget to share these masterpieces with your friends!

Preview photo credit AngelaBrisk / Twitter


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