15 People Whose Nails Blew the Scale of Creativity

5 months ago

Nail stylists and enthusiasts are fearless when it comes to experimenting with new looks and materials. It takes serious imagination to come up with unseen designs and new techniques, but that doesn’t slow them down. Fortunately for us, these creative minds often showcase their work on social media.

1. “My nail tech is actually insane.”

2. “My metallic nails (made by me)”

3. “My first attempt at an ombre”

4. “When your nail tech just gets it:”

5. “Some rainbow marble jelly glitter nails I did.”

6. “An experiment with jelly blue and rainbow foil!”

7. “These took me the majority of the day.”

8. “I freehand painted a dragon’s eye on my nails.”

9. “My boyfriend asked me to do his nails just like mine.”

10. “I painted my nails to look like ocean agates.”

11. “She used my phone case as inspiration today, I’d say she nailed it.”

12. “Glow in the dark nails!”

13. “Pastel rainbows and fluffy white clouds, hand-painted by me.”

14. “I was bored and put some wood on my nails for a laugh, but I actually really like it and I’m gonna keep them.”

15. “Stained glass nails. This took way too long but they are my best set yet!”

People’s creativity doesn’t stop here! On social media, many showcase how skillful they can be when bringing all sorts of crafts to life.

Preview photo credit nailsbymasha_ / Reddit


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