15 People Whose Skillful Hands Bring Breathtaking Crafts to Life

2 years ago

The sum of skilled hands and a vast imagination equals wonderful artistic creations. Luckily for us, the world is full of talented folks who are able to turn any idea into reality. Reddit itself has a number of different communities dedicated to sharing crafts that require skills from woodworking to crocheting. There, you can find countless examples of superb craftmanship that deserve the spotlight.

Bright Side hopes to light up your day with this display of artwork.

1. “I crocheted a parasol and attached umbrella frames to it.”

2. “My koi pond with duckweed I hand-embroidered”

3. “My playful red brooch made entirely of polymer clay”

4. “Just finished this desklight with a flower pot holder. It was designed to illuminate a houseplant.”

5. “I made a stained glass rainbow treasure chest.”

6. “Finally finished this elephant piece burned on a piece of basswood.”

7. “I created a mask.”

8. “I made a marble to represent the building block of life: the atom.”

9. “A labradorite necklace I made by crocheting with wire”

10. “I folded this dragon from 1 square, uncut sheet of paper.”

11. “A coffee table I made that glows at night”

12. “A nebula ring I made”

13. “I made this from nails and thread only.”

14. “A life-sized needle felted wool sculpture made by me, called When The Veil Is Torn Away

15. “Typically, I make cedar-strip boats, but this time I skipped the wood and went straight for clear fiberglass.”

Would you describe yourself as a creative person? Do you follow any artists on social media whose work could be featured in these compilations?

Preview photo credit TheEyeLady / Reddit


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People are so talented. Every single one of these were breathtakingly beautiful!!


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