18 People Share Pictures of the Most Peculiar but Useful Objects They’ve Found

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Nowadays, there are so many objects around that only a few manage to surprise us. But people online always share the ones that amaze them the most, either because they solve problems that are not so obvious or because they’ve found items that are so old, they’ve already been replaced by others that fulfill the same function.

At Bright Side, we’ve compiled some photos of objects that caught the attention of Internet users for the particular function they fulfill.

1. This robot that counts the items available at the supermarket

2. “I see your jar opener and raise you my great-great-grandma’s jar opener.”

3. “This plastic plunger to keep the pickled peppers submerged in the juice”

4. “This old bread crumb collector”

5. This electric tugboat for cars that have run out of battery

6. This cutter rounds off the sharp edges of laminated items.

7. This stick that can only be used to break piñatas

8. This manual trash compactor

9. “An extension for allowing a projector to work both backward and at a short distance”

10. This aquatic lawn mower

11. “Tomato slicer — I’ve had it since 2007. Bought it at Publix for $0.50 after Thanksgiving that year.”

12. A trolley for moving stacked tires

13. This toothbrush for dogs

14. “A tool to measure airflow from an overhead vent”

15. “A machine for cleaning escalator treads”

16. This tong for dishes that are still hot

17. Versailles gardeners using molds for bushes

18. “My tattoo machines — each one has a specific use. About $3,000 total, and yes, I need a bigger case.”

What do you have in your home that has a very specific and not-so-well-known use? Share it in the comments so we can discover it!

Preview photo credit ElF*rts / Reddit, ElF*rts / Reddit


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