20 Times People Captured Ironic Moments That Can Give You a Good Chuckle

2 years ago

“If there is anything that could go wrong, it will eventually go wrong.” The famous Murphy’s Law never fails to happen, and many of us might find it relatable. It’s no use crying over spilled milk, and sometimes all we can do is laugh and let it go. That’s exactly what these 20 Internet users did.

Bright Side found pictures where people had to deal with the unpredictability of the universe.

1. “Wasps made a nest on my wasp spray bottle.”

2. “$15 bucks”

3. “I thought I was stupid because I couldn’t figure out which one started with R.”

4. “Parking is free after 5 p.m. I paid until 5 p.m. Got a ticket at 5 p.m.”

5. “Went to a concert last night. This was my view for 3.5 hours.”

6. “Asked for ’no cheese, no mayo’ on my burger. It had cheese on it. I got a replacement and it has cheese on it.”

7. “People touching and LEANING ON a $1.5 million car like it’s theirs.”

8. “Got some Bojangles this morning and took a bite out of my Cajun filet and it’s just straight-up raw.”

9. “Write this in English. No, not like that. In French, no points for you.”

10. “The headphone jack snapped off because I tried to kill a mosquito and forgot I was wearing the headphones.”

11. “I’m no longer in the mood to eat!”

12. “Was going to dip my cookies in milk but opened the package and saw this.”

13. “’I know you’re not feeling well, let me move your car for you.’ The next morning:”

14. “Plugged a new mixer in. Accidentally turned it on and decided to mix my middle finger! Can’t bend the mixer back.”

15. “Time to go to bed! Um...what are those dots on my wall? Oh. Oh NO.”

16. “Rushing to take dinner out of the oven, was so excited, lost my grip. RIP, eggplant parm.”

17. “My frozen burrito seemed a bit thin, so I thawed and unwrapped it.”

18. “Oh, are you now?”

19. “My wife bought this toilet paper holder, and yet...”

20. “My wife eats apples from the bottom...including the core.”

What has recently been your biggest ironic moment? How do you react to such situations?

Preview photo credit kabdelgaber / Reddit


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Confirmation that Americans don't do irony. The only ironic picture was the wasps nest...😂


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