18 Times Manufacturers Took Product Packaging Too Far

2 years ago

The most interesting thing about ordering products online is the convenience of being able to receive them at home without having to go to a specific store. However, sometimes that beneficial part can be overshadowed by the fact that some manufacturers use too much packaging to ship products, and that can make us feel uncomfortable and uncaring about the health of the planet.

Bright Side collected stories and pictures that people shared online to prove that some companies think of packaging as the most important part of their product.

1. “This needlessly large packaging for a 20mm sized micro SD card.”

2. “Drop plastic, while still making tons of plastic packaging for flavor cubes?”

3. “17-inch box for a 2-inch item, including whole printed spiel that it was ’Thoughtfully Packaged’ to ’reduce impact.’”

4. “All of this for ONE purse. (Cat for scale)”

5. “I ordered 500 rubber pieces. This is how they were packaged.”

6. “Thanks”

7. “Guitar picks. Less than 1in x 1in.”

8. “The packaging to product ratio is so horribly off I can’t understand why we’re killing the Earth for this.”

9. “Always love it when my head bolts are packaged individually.”

10. “All this packaging for some effing radish seeds! Why tho??”

11. “Ridiculously excessive packaging for 3 dates”

12. “Just got a pair of headphones, why is the box so big?”

13. “My father ordered 15 fence posts. Legends tell of a second truck, out there somewhere, going to deliver the last one.”

14. “You know what those are that I ordered? Eco-friendly packaging for my Etsy stuff. The irony is borderline offensive.”

15. “Just why?”

16. “Yeah, definitely needed two separate boxes.”

17. “Individually packed olives my roommate bought...”

18. “14 pieces of unnecessary packaging and ’freebies’ for a tiny 15 ml spray from Paco Rabanne.”

In what situation have you been surprised by the way your product arrived packaged?

Preview photo credit Carth_Onasti / Reddit


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