13 New Life Hacks From the Slyest People Online

4 years ago

People are ready to do anything to make their lives easier and, so, inventive internet users are especially talented. They come up with little tricks on the fly and when they share them online, they get their fair share of likes and we talk about them in our articles.

Bright Side never misses a chance to learn about new life hacks and here are some more of them for you. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus — a new cool way to eat M&M’s.


2. How to make peace with someone you love

  • My girlfriend was mad at me and wouldn’t answer my calls or texts. She went away for the holidays and I didn’t know how I was going to talk to her and I was really sad. My mom saw me suffering and said, “Find a photo of you together where she doesn’t look great and use it as a profile picture. She’ll text you right away asking you to remove it. Maybe, she’ll hate you, but at least you’ll talk.” It worked out. We talked and made peace. My mom is a genius! © Dantessa / Pikabu

3. How to watch sports on a date so that your girlfriend doesn’t suspect anything:

4. How to motivate yourself

5. You’ll never run out of milk

6. A cool way to prevent the threads from getting tangled

7. How to spend less money on cat litter

8. How to make a picnic anywhere you want

9. How to solve the missing puzzle piece problem

10. How to make sure nobody eats your cookies

11. How to make a fan more versatile

12. How to give a pill to a dog

13. How to raise your mood at work

Bonus: Kim Kardashian recommends heating M&M’s up in a microwave for 30 seconds — they taste better this way!

What do you do to make your life easier? Share your life hacks in the comments and we might make another compilation!

Preview photo credit Dantessa / Pikabu


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some of these are really smart, the cap to watch your phone ? or nr 12 is great too.. It can always be a pain to get an animal to take in meds


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