What 9 Celebs Would Look Like If They Chose to Age Naturally

2 years ago

With a market value projected to reach $66.96 billion by 2026, we can’t deny that plastic surgery is a giant in the beauty industry. And when it comes to Hollywood stars, they certainly don’t shy away from the needle or the knife when it comes to seeking everlasting youth. If we went back in time to revisit some celebrities, we’d fall in a state of disbelief when we compare them to how they look now.

Bright Side wanted to add some magic to old photos of some famous celebs. We will show you how different they would have looked today if they had chosen to say no to plastic surgery.

1. Mickey Rourke

2. Cher

3. Christie Brinkley

4. Priscilla Presley

She could have looked sooooooo much better without it!!
Instead, she looks like someone slashed her face from cheek to cheek!


5. Sylvester Stallone

6. Vanessa Williams

7. Courtney Love

8. Katie Price

9. Madonna

Do you think that anti-aging procedures are a blessing of the modern world, or would you stay away from them? Which type of surgery do you think can have the biggest altering effect?

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Some of them look better without it. No matter how rich you are and no matter how famous you are, the effects of time will show. But though I don't feel sorry for them, I think that there is more pressure and an expectation placed on celebrities to look younger and more handsome/prettier than the general public


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