15+ People Whose Day Started With a Bone-Chilling Surprise

8 months ago

Autumn is a season when you might enjoy some spine-tingling thrills. You could watch the early seasons of Supernatural or read some creepy stories. Users have shared photos of strange things and events that will make your skin crawl.

“Someone snuck into the deepest part of my yard and left a suitcase there.”

“When I opened it, it was empty. But it smelt like a really cool man’s cologne. Like whoever owned it bought some high-end cologne and spilled the whole bottle in his luggage.”

“I bought a twin sculpture on sale. It’s hollow inside, and there’s a cute spider living in it.”

“My wife screamed as if she saw a ghost at 5 am in the morning. Turns out she went to get some water and saw this huge crab crawling in the kitchen.”

“I live in the mountains, about 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the nearest beach. It’s just insane.”

“I was out for dinner and when I returned to my car parked on the street, this picture was tucked under the windshield wiper with today’s date in the bottom corner.”

  • Chicken huddled under a warming light. Probably just some weird poetic dude trying to be cool or something. © CleanData45 / Reddit

“That stone face looked out from under the ground.”

“I was so tempted to get these, but there was no way I’d be able to wear them.”

“Went out to the porch and decided to check my chair before I sat on it. Discovered these things. I think these are most likely some type of spider eggs.”

  • They are Brown Widow eggs. Brown Widows aren’t as aggressive as Black Widows and are a little less dangerous. © carverof***** / Reddit

“Something is slowly eating my book.”

“I live in an old cottage I have lots of bugs, yeah I have found a good few t-shirts and the like with holes in them. ”

“Found this fake nail on my bathroom floor. I live alone.”

“On a forest walk I saw a hole off the path, I looked inside and found a weird statue with a bell on it.”

“Found a shirt and hat I’ve never seen before on my bedroom floor. They aren’t mine or my boyfriend’s, we’re the only people in the house.”

“I was violently plunging the tub drain when this came up, along with a bunch of other gross stuff. It’s not ours obviously. I was stoned as hell.”

“It has been in there for 4 plus years, which explains why we’ve had so much trouble with the tub drain.”

“Found at a thrift store. Am I in the beginning of a horror movie?”

“This seashell I picked up had a Conch still in it.”

“Someone has been making blankets for rocks near my work.”

“The tomato my mum cut up. What’s wrong with it?”

“This morning I found a key on my porch that I don’t know where it came from.”

“A group of invasive Chinese Ladybugs clustering in the corner of my window. What’s up with that?”

Sometimes we come across very strange things whose purpose is impossible to guess, especially objects from the past. Fortunately, there are always those who can explain the purpose of a find, no matter what time period it belongs to.

Preview photo credit Jellyandjiggles / Reddit


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