20 Objects With a Very Peculiar Design That You’ll Need a Manual to Really Understand

year ago

A good photograph can depend on a lot of things: framing, lighting, composition, and many other details. However, there are other types of images that catch our attention for a very different reason: because they show us things we don’t usually see.

Bright Side spent some time looking at them trying to understand how these things could be possible.

1. Just the key that was needed!

3. A very useful fork to use as a spoon.

4. “Bus interior made to look like a forest”

5. “A black stop sign”

6. You know where to place the cameras if you want to conceal them.

7. Ready for a dive?

8. “Burger restaurant near me uses a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass muscle car as its delivery vehicle.”

9. “My boiled egg popped and turned into a little English egg barrister.”

10. “Giant banana (hand for scale)”

11. “My cheap tape measure is missing the 40-inch marker.”

12. “Stain on the carpet at work looks like the Americas.”

13. “These toilets are distinguished by chromosome notations rather than by genders.”

14. “My sliced bacon looks pixelated.”

15. “Someone put a Bob Ross toaster in our breakroom, and it burns an image of Bob Ross onto the toast.”

16. “The other side of a fast food soda fountain”

17. “This floor tile at LaGuardia Airport has a house key embedded in it.”

18. “This mall has a ‘husband depository’ with massage chairs and phone chargers.”

19. “A gift bag my mom has been reusing for 39 years.”

20. “My hotel jacuzzi tub fills up from the ceiling.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in a while? If you were able to take a picture of it, share it with us!

Preview photo credit booketh / Reddit


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