14 People Who Made Us Believe Timing Is Everything

2 years ago

Scientific progress and advanced technology might be able to transform our reality, but there is one thing that nothing can control, and that’s time. And while years disappear into thin air, they leave deep imprints on our surroundings, faces, and bodies. However, some people’s appearances change more than others with age, to the point of becoming unrecognizable, proving to us that anything is possible with time.

Bright Side believes that we need to look back to the past from time to time in order to enjoy the present to the fullest. And we’ll share some photos that prove how time has a huge impact on us all.

1. ’’My childhood was destined to be a rough one.’’

2. ’’I have come a long way.’’

3. ’’My grandfather has carried this silver dollar in his pocket since 1952.’’

4. ’’14 to 24’’

5. ’’1.5 years of hard work, now on to the next year.’’

6. “7 years apart”

7. ’’My grandfather’s front door has about 50 years of cat damage.’’

8. ’’My coworker’s keyboard keys are worn down from use.’’

9. ’’Those glasses did not suit me.’’

10. ’’One side of this doorknob at my school has been flattened from years of students opening it and letting it hit the wall.’’

11. ’’15 years of daily use has worn right through the ceramic on my hair iron.’’

12. ’’16 to 24’’

13. ’’My barber’s floor after years of shuffling around the chair’’

14. “18 years apart”

Do you like to change or do you prefer we stand still in time? Do you often look back at your old family albums?

Preview photo credit ThunderousD***/Reddit


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