14 Funny Pictures to Help You Laugh Your Way Through Parenthood

It’s amazing how something as simple as a goofy grin or a silly joke can turn your entire day around. And although parenting can be one of the most exhausting jobs in the world, your kids can always lift your spirits. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and remember that it’s these little moments of joy that make all the hard work of parenting worth it.

1. “Anyone else have a baby beaver? My solution to his crib biting!”

2. “My 3-year-old scares me.”

3. “Pours a brand-new bag of chips into the dog bowl, just to eat it out of the bowl.”

4. “Apparently my child was enticed by the irresistible lotion pump.”

5. “Tell me you have a 3-year-old without telling me you have a 3-year-old.”

6. “Little bundle of joy.”

7. “At least they’re honest.”

8. “My kid came home from the bus stop and declared that he had found a ‘stick of pie.’ Then he pulled this from his jacket.”

9. “So my kids made a snowman and found Halloween eyes...”

10. “My then-7-year-old son asking the important questions”

11. “My youngest kid hid his leftover French fries in the fruit bowl, so his older brother wouldn’t find and eat them. It worked!”

12. “My kid wanted to ’open’ the banana by herself this morning.”

13. “It is International Hot Chocolate Day, so my son made chocolate Play Doh at pre-school.”

14. “My daughter told me we only had a little milk left in the fridge.”


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