16 Photos Proving We Can Still Believe in People

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Saying something nice to people just to make them feel good, teaming up with a street musician, or helping someone in need without thinking — are all things people do out of kindness. The people from our compilation know a lot of ways to make the world a better place. And it definitely doesn’t take any superpowers or a magic wand.

“This kid was desperately trying and failing to do it himself. A fellow passenger asked if he needed help.”

“I live in Bolivia and every morning this woman feeds all the stray dogs in the park.”

“At Nara, Japan this morning in the rain — saw this kid sharing his umbrella with a deer. It melted my heart.”

A cardiac surgeon comforts a weeping 2-year-old girl by playing cartoons before her surgery.

“Found this guy on the side of the road at work. Picked him up and gave him a lift to the vet.”

“They stand on this corner all day once a week with these signs just because.”

“An anonymous stranger left this angel statue by my grandma’s flowers in her front yard. I haven’t seen her this happy since my grandpa was alive!”

“The older man was playing his flute for money by the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, then the younger guy walked up and pulled a flute out of his coat and joined him (who carries a flute?). It was sweet and the older man earned a lot more money after that.”

“I left some chocolate in a hotel with a note saying, ’That’s for you, have a great day.’ This is what I got in return.”

“This shop offers free bottled water due to the extreme heat in St. Louis. Good job humans!”

“My girlfriend saw this in a cafe bathroom — I can imagine it’s saved some disasters!”

“I helped this guy out yesterday.”

Street dogs and people waiting together for the storm to pass during heavy rain and floods in Istanbul

“Snuck a photo of my fiancé after a visibly confused grandpa asked her for help choosing pads for his granddaughter.”

“A guy handed me his valid train ticket as I passed on the escalator to the trains.”

“Rather than cutting the tree root, he built the railing around it.”

We’d be grateful to hear any similar stories that you have to share.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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The question is: Have you done any good deeds today? I know I did :)


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