25+ Pics to Prove That Life Is a Well Full of Amusement

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Many people are drawn to fancy trips and extravagant items in search of wonders and amusements. In actuality, it is the small, unexpected things that make us feel delighted. Miracles surround us, but we rarely stop to focus on them closely and appreciate their importance. No matter your schedule or energy level, we’ve collected the most jaw-dropping pictures that people on the Internet took and decided to share.

The Bright Side team gathered a gallery made by people who find joy in the little things in life to brighten your day.

1. “This branch looks like a lion.”

2. “A crystal I grew from fertilizer — it took me 3 weeks.”

3. “A woman in the crosscut of a branch — my dad spotted this during some pruning.”

4. “The camera in the ER looks like a surprised panda.”

5. “My egg cooked in the shape of a chicken.”

6. “The bell peppers I’m cutting have a little smiley face in the middle.”

7. “A slingshot-shaped tree”

8. “My half-frozen phone captured my friend’s eyes open and closed at the same time.”

9. “My carrot has a strange pattern of holes in it.”

10. “A tiny frog I found today.”

11. “This coconut looks like a rat or a dog.”

12. “My coffee left this heart-shaped stain on the bottom of the cup.”

13. “Homegrown zucchini the size of my leg”

14. “My tortilla was disgruntled about something.”

15. “I took a self-timed photo during a thunderstorm.”

16. “Reusable McDonald’s containers in Paris”

17. The most creative cheeseboard goes to the human ham!

18. “I found a large spoon at the thrift shop.”

19. “This green ketchup a food truck was using at a UFO festival”

20. “Here’s my hand contorted in a weird position.”

21. “Jack Skellington in my morning coffee.”

22. The tree is watching you.

23. “These patterns on the shell look like an ancient language.”

24. “Found crystal clear ice chunk in Alaska river bed.”

25. “A flower I found this morning.”

26. A finger with two nails

27. “I got a temp tattoo, got a sunburn, and got this imprint.”

What are your top 3 pictures? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit 0zzyking / reddit


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