18 Pics That Will Leave You With More Questions Than Answers

2 years ago

If you want to control the universe, then sooner or later you will understand that there are situations that have no logical explanation. The only thing you can do is to relax and watch the reality without trying to get all the answers.

We at Bright Side suggest you chill out and check out these 18 pictures that show how our world goes beyond patterns.

1. Extra safety is needed.

2. Magic does exist.

3. Creativity has no limits.

4. Did I do it right?

6. “I hope they got him out and cleaned off though.”

7. “I came by my storage unit to pick up some stuff just to find that someone cut my lock off and placed their own.”

8. “I found this in my bag of Cheetos and I have no clue what it is.”

9. “I’m not even sure how I feel about this.”

10. “Up the drain it goes.”

11. More ways of eating sandwiches.

12. “Flat house, for models only”

13. “Every waste can in this entire major city’s hospital is a lie.”

14. “The 8 is not smooth.”

15. “I am a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest.”

16. “Just why? How hard is it?”

17. “How my mail carrier left my vinyl record. What makes it worse, we have a box beside the front porch for deliveries, which they have used many times.”

18. “But why?”

How often do you feel that the universe is joking with you? What weird things have happened to you today?


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